5 Most Popular Casino Games in Asia

When you look into the market statistics, it is easy to find how Asians are 10 folds into gambling than in Las Vegas or LA. Since Asia represents the ever growing large cultural community, it is easier to find a good game for gambling in Asia. The Asians would travel to USA in order to play these games in a Casino before it became a hit in Asia itself. However, there are games in Casinos of USA which are not as famous as they are in Asia. In order to make the choice hassle free, 5 Most Popular Casino Games in Asia especially on some of the most popular online casino betting site like Onlinecasinoqq288.com The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia are enlisted below.

5 Most Popular Casino Games in Asia

Popular Casino Games

  • Baccarat

    5 Most Popular Casino Games in Asia

    5 Most Popular Casino Games in Asia

A standard deck of cards are set against the dealer by  multiple players comprising of whales or high rollers who might win or lose games within a click of a finger and might either take back dollars or go home broke. In Macau, Baccarat is a famous game of gambling, however is it also spread across the world and is a well known game too.

  • Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game of 3 die played at once. This game is a standardized gambling game presented in Asia, using 3 Chinese ancient die. A game of Sic Bo varies in different Casinos in different ways by payouts and bets. Hence, the game of Sic Bo is least attractive to people who are used to playing it at home.

  • Mahjong

A famous game of dominoes, Mahjong shows similarities to a game of cards. Mahjong gambling is a bit different from the game of Solitaire installed in a computer. It is a famous traditional game for gambling in China and Japan as the game was inculcated into their culture by Confucius.

  • Pai Gow

Pai Gow Poker is played in the American Casino Clubs, which is a bit different from the traditional Pai Gow game of gambling in Asia. Pai Gow is a predated game which is held older than most of the games of gamble, as historians have detected the game to be a prevalent piece of time pass in the Song Dynasty in the 100 AD. It is played using a set of Chinese dominoes, providing an edge of 0.02% positive chances. The game of Pai Gow is dependent upon the smoothness of the table and the resultant decision is optimal. Next to Pai Gow falls Video Poker as the game of gamble which also finds an edge.

  • Keno

During a game of gamble, Keno is an easy game which can be played on the sides. They are easy like a game of Bingo or lottery and is usually kept at the conclusion of a game being already played. This works as a refreshment when the scores of the particular round is announced. In this game, the players will tick their guesses on a number. Keno is of a duration of ten to fifteen minutes and hence does not come in the way of other gambling games offering players with plenty of time to check their scores.

Gambling in Asia has become a popular game or sport which houses its own fan following in different games. Some games have also been inherited by other countries due to their fun trend in the game. Most of these games hail from South East Asia where invasions had led to the foundation of different games into their culture. Hence more than half of the games in the Casino culture are inherited from Asian traditional games. However, hard the games might be, the bottomline is that the games are purely based on getting lucky.

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