Anti-Block Site Guidelines

Quick Ways to Set Up Anonymox Browser

Do you want to access a private website or avoid to get ban? Worry no more! We have an answer to this kind of struggles. In this extension or application it will help you to access all the website that are in private or to avoid you to block your country. This is also another way to protect you IP address to be detect and access those site that are prohibited by local authorities. Later I will discuss to you how to resolve this kind of issue and I will also guide you how to set up this into your desktop.

While I’m discussing this steps, it’s better to practice this in front of your computer so that you can follow the steps that I will be giving to you. It’s is not also that difficult to set up as you think. If you know how to create an account in Facebook, it’s easy for you to follow this instructions. So focus and follow these steps. Here it is!












Quick Ways to Set Up Anonymox Browser

For those people who want to try anonymox or what to switch to this Add-ons it is very easy to use.
















How to set up DNS server.

 How to install Hola unblocker

These are the easy steps on how to set up DNS and install Add-ons to your Mozilla Firefox. Just follow the steps one by one and you can do this correctly. I hope this guideline would help you and solve your problems about on configuration and to avoid from blocking your IP address. Good Luck everyone!