Proper Management of Gambling Funds

Proper Management of Gambling Funds

Proper Management of Gambling Funds, When financial markets rise and companies make profits, we feel like financial experts specializing in financial markets. But when markets start to fall, and losses begin to pile up, we feel like what we’ve done is a big gamble and not an investment! We cannot learn the principles of investment by trial and error, the cost will be expensive.

Proper Management of Gambling Funds

Proper Management of Gambling Funds

Proper Management of Gambling Funds

There are some essential characteristics to be a successful bettor. Here they are:

  • To recognize the economic situation and what is linked to the bettor’s perspective.
  • To manage the betting process
  • To get fixed money return from all bettors, it can be divided into some categories

If the money used in Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia is lower than $50, then the percentage shouldn’t be greater than 5% as a start, the owner can make discounts anytime to make sure that bettors come again and again. If the money is greater than $50, then the percentage should vary from 6% to 13% according to the betting situation and the bettor’s number. If the bettor’s number is huge, then the owner can make a surprising hour discount that should be applied to a maximum number of two betting places, but in the case of winning, the winner shouldn’t participate in the discounts anymore for a small period of two days.

The owner must calculate the maximum amount of money winning to make sure that he can handle the situation if someone achieved several numbers of winning.

Accumulative Bets

For the one who is continuing to bet on several things, then The Owner should make some tricks to attract the bettor.

For every extra bet after the fifth try, the bettor should pay extra fixed fee to open a higher level of Gains.

And after the 10th try, the bettor should acquire a free card to enter the (casino) next day for free for the first time.

The Owner should study for sure several things:

  • Knowing the economic level of the citizens who will enter the bet.
  • Knowing the intent for how exactly will they bet, interested or not, loving the place or not.
  • Making a place for drinking, gaining some financial resources to The Owner.
  • Making a system that is hard to be wined from, just to maximize the number of bets and to maximize the returns.


The basic idea behind the proper management of gambling funds is that the owner should increase the fixed fee from every bit and should have another fixed fee from any happened win from any member, also the owner should make categories for the (casino) membership which can be golden, silver, bronze.

The golden membership should be expensive so that he should have 50% discount on 50% of the bets, and the silver should be 30% discount and so as the bronze.

Bets should vary from one place to another if someone wins then he shouldn’t use the same pattern again or guide someone else to the same pattern just not to lose the main way of continuity.

With the concept of the discount hour, there should be days that the bets are so expensive synchronized with big loot in the horizon, to guarantee the accumulative benefit and the financial cycle.

Finally, the owner should have a fail-safe financial key to prevent himself from losing everything in a blink of an eye.

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