Sports: Legal or Illegal?

June 30, 2016 Mark Cesar 0 Comment

Some of us might having confusions about Sports: Legal or Illegal?. Well, we know that addiction is not just about drugs but addiction can also be defined as what are the things we spend the most time with. It is a counter part of the things we idolizes or we worships.

So this how it goes, Is sports a legal or an illegal addiction? This essay would help us to gain knowledge and also it will broaden our minds about the said topic. They say that whenever you give most of your time to a certain thing, it is considered as wrong. But what if, we spend our time with that certain thing just because it gives us satisfaction and happiness? I hope that this essay will help you to clear your thoughts.

Sports: Legal or Illegal?

Sports: Legal or Illegal?

Sports: Legal or Illegal?

Sports as legal. Why? People most of the time spend the rest of their days or time playing their sports chosen. It’s either basketball, football, soccer or volleyball. Especially men, love playing, for example basketball, they love playing basketball after class, or after doing the house chores. In a short way, they play basketball just to lessen the boredom they feel. Playing sports serves them as a hobby whenever they’ve done doing the things they should have done.

Sports as an illegal? How? Well, I cannot see something wrong playing sports, but some people especially teenagers have misconceptions about sports. In what way? For example, teenagers usually loves to play basketball. Once they were playing they usually forgotten of the chores the need to make, they also usually forgotten to finish some important matters like doing their home works and reviewing their lessons for the exams. In an easier way of stating, teenagers usually forgotten their top priorities every time they were playing. That’s the reason why their parents had a chance to scold them because some teenagers nowadays, didn’t know their priorities and responsibilities because playing sports have already occupied their mind and time. That’s why parents complain that sports is illegal because it causes their child to get addicted to it and forget their responsibilities.

But when we say illegal, it doesn’t mean that they need to be in jail but, we use illegal as a term of being wrong or incorrect. This term is stating a negative meaning to everyone who hears this. And addiction itself is a negative term. Because when we say addiction, it means that we are capable of spending all our time just to be focus to a certain thing and causes us to forget our important matters and responsibilities.

As an observation, sports is not legal nor illegal. People especially teenager’s focus their mind playing sports because they are looking for satisfaction. And they think that sports like basketball, volleyball, football and soccer gives them the satisfaction they are looking for. It fulfills their happiness and belonging for something or someone. They focus their attention in playing sports rather than focusing their attention for some worldly things that possibly leads them to the wrong way.

And as a conclusion, nothing in this world is legal nor illegal. It is in the hands of every one of us. It is in the way of how we handle things. It’s how we spend and manage our time doing the things we love the most. Playing sports is not that as bad as we think. But we must learn to prioritize those important things like family and studies before focusing in our hobbies. But good thing is, it’s good that teenagers usually get addicted of playing sports rather than being addicted with drugs. Why? Because playing sports could help them to have a physically fit body and a healthy living compared to drugs that will leads them to death and sufferings.

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