The Math of Sports Betting

The Math of Sports Betting

The Math of Sports Betting, Most people are unaware the value of mathematics in generating profits on sports betting. Even when a player bets after reading all the news, rumors and predictions, his/her profitability will base on mathematics.

If winning money in sports betting is not easy, it is also not that hard. You neither need any magical predictive ability nor special skills. Many people end up paying others to share a secret formula to win big money. All you need to do before betting is some research and calculation. None of the online books are trying to trick the smart bettors. They are trying to trick the most immature ones.

The Math of Sports Betting

Winning in Sports Betting Using Equation

There is no guarantee when it comes to sports betting. Thus, it is known as gambling especially when you do it in The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies. What you can do is to predict based on facts, research, and mathematics. You can only reduce your losses by doing smart prediction. Here mathematics means fifth-grade basic math.

The Math of Sports Betting

The Math of Sports Betting

For example, suppose you want to bet between two teams A and B. From the research, you found that they played 12 matches this year. Team A won 3 matches this season by an average of 18 points. Team B won 9 games by an average of 19 points. Out of those 9 wins, they only won 3 games with less than 10 points. So, 2/3rd of the time (6 out of 9 times) this season, team B won by more than 10 points. Out of team A’s 4 wins, none were less than 14 points. Team A has an average of 18 points win, while team B has an average of winning with more than 19 points. Hence, probably, team B will win with more than 10 points. Hence, in this situation, you can win cash by betting on team B.

Minimize the Losses By Doing Math of Sports Betting

Instead of turning a profitable hobby into an expensive one, sports bettors must try making simple calculations.

Sports is an unpredictable game. Thus, most people lose their money on sports betting, both online and offline. Plus, they usually don’t record or track their profit and loss of betting each month.

The simplest way of calculating your profit/loss in sports betting is by finding how many times you win on average. If you win 50% or more times, you are making a profit. If you win less than 50% times, you making losses.

Suppose you wager $200 per sports bet on average. Now consider how often you win and lose. Most people lose more often. So, if you bet on 10 sports every month and you win 4 bets and lose other 6 bets, then your total loss will be $400.

General Equation of Sports Betting

You can understand the above example by the following equation:


Let X be the average odds of sports betting and Y be the success rate of betting predictions.

Let X be 2 and Y be 0.40 (40 percent chance from the above example).

If the product (Z) is more than 1, you are good at sports betting. However, if is less than 1, you might lose your capital while continuing betting in sports. Hence, the result can only improve when your odds or success rate increase.

If you are betting to earn money and not just for enjoyment, you must always keep in mind this simple equation. It will describe your betting system as money-losing or profitable.

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