Volleyball: A Game for Women

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Volleyball: A Game for Women, I assumed that every one of us is familiar with the sport, volleyball. Am I right? So, assuming that you are familiar with this, I not going to explain this kind of sport deeply because I know that all of you out there are having ideas and some thoughts about this matter.

Volleyball was played by six members per team including the setter, libero and the captain ball. The ball was to be served by a player, when the whistle was blown by the referee, it signals that the ball was ready to be served. And when the ball once served, it means that the game begins. Every fault made by any team causes their opponent team to gain points. First to earn twenty five points is the winner. The game is composed of three sets. It is also contains changing courts. When a team wins in two consecutive sets, that means they won the game.

Volleyball: A Game for Women

Volleyball: A Game for Women

Volleyball: A Game for Women

Players should catch the ball and avoid falling from the ground. They should catch it and let the ball be passed to their teammates or passed it directly to their opponent. Catching the ball includes the use of toss, wallop or spike. Players should shout “mine” if they were to catch the ball to avoid quarrel inside the court. Players also must avoid the ball to fall on the line at to avoid outside fault so that the opponent team has the chance to gain points. One point is given to each opponent to every fault they’ve done.

Just like in other games, there is also a loser and a winner in this so called sport, volleyball. Each team should prepare themselves to accept their defeat whenever they lose and to celebrate with the victory of their opponent. So in that way, they can show how sports and humble they are.

Without discriminating genders, we all know that some of the sports that are popular in the world like basketball, soccer, and football are popular because it was played by, yes, most of them are men. And how can we say that volleyball is a game for girls, but it can also played by guys but volleyball are more popular for girls not for guys. Does anyone of us known some popular guy volleyball player? As a matter of fact, I don’t even know some guy players but I know some of girl volleyball players, like, Alyssa Valdez, and Amy Ahomiro of Ateneo Lady Blue Eagles. And also I know that some of you have known these two ladies listed above.

Volleyball: A Game for Women and the best for them

I am not saying or should I say, I am not stating that volleyball is just for girls. As a matter of fact, it can be played by guys but, as I said earlier this sport is popular for girls. Those girls who has the average height of 5’6 and above and also those ladies who has that sexy body. I admire those volleyball players not because of their bodies but because of their strong pulse that enables them to spike the ball as strong and as far as they can.

Being humble and sports in spite of their defeat is what I think is the reason why does volleyball is popular for girls. I’m not saying that guys are not humble. But because most of the time, girls are observed for being that humble type of person. Not just in volleyball but also in every angle of their everyday life. Guys are also humble, but we can’t deny that guys are the kind of person that possesses that pride attitude. That’s why, volleyball is a game for women.

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